From The Desk of Managing Director
Photo You are welcome to our website and I am sure about this finding that this website will play a roll of another means in building a bridge with our customers.

On the occasion that R.P.Construction has stepped into the new millennium, I noticed with great pride and pleasure that the company has attained impressive and sustained growth over the past decade. On behalf of the company I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our customers who have shown full confidence in us. Indeed we are fully aware that it is the customers who empower and inspire us in every step of our operation.

To reach where we are today we had worked with all our might and main to overcome all difficulties. We had poured our efforts into building customer recognition in our brand name. I therefore would like to put on record my profound appreciation to the management and staff at all levels who have contributed to the success of the Company through their hard work and dedication. I would also like to thank all individuals and organizations which have given us their continued support over the years.

R.P Construction will rise to new heights of performance, and is committed to integrity, respect, highest ethics, performance excellence, and dedicated in delivering superior customer value, safety and environment-friendly construction, improving the quality of life in the communities where we work, and in developing trusted and long-enduring relationships with the kingdom in which we operate.